Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files containing strings of characters that are placed on
your device when you visit a site and use it’s services. The purpose of cookies
is to identify your device when you visit the site in the future, allowing the
site to remember your preferences and to help owners like me understand
how the site is being used. They can also be used to deliver advertising that is
more relevant to your interests.


There are four categories of cookies: “Strictly Necessary”, “Performance”,
“Functionality”, and “Targeting”.


Strictly Necessary cookies are placed on your device to allow the user to
access the site’s basic functionality, such as accessing login-only areas.


Performance cookies are placed to help the site deliver services to you faster.
They do this by collecting information about how you have used the site in the
past, collecting data such as whether you are logged in or not etc.


Functionality cookies are placed to allow certain non-essential services to
function. These allow the site to remember your preferences in future visits.


Targeting cookies are placed to allow the site to deliver more personalized
advertisements. TrankuilLion Music does not use advertising as a source of
income at the moment, but some third party services such as the Twitter feed
may utilize these cookies depending upon how you use those services.


TrankuilLion Music uses cookies to store login and comments information, to
analyze web traffic (such as determining which visits are from new people
and which visits are from people who have been here before), and to provide
third party services (such as the Twitter feed). This site is powered by
WordPress, which places some cookies of it’s own (Find out about it here).
Third parties, such as those that provide the aforementioned services like
analytics and the Twitter feed, place cookies of their own in order to provide
those services to you and I. This information is not used to personally identify
you in any way, and can only be used to identify the device you use to access
the site. Most cookies are not malicious, and I try to make sure no malicious
data is being stored on your device via this website. If you notice and
malicious activity coming from this website, please notify me immediately.


When you first visit the site, you will be notified that cookies will be stored on
your device if you browse the site. If you decide to allow cookies, the
notification will disappear and will not re-appear for one month (or until you
delete your browser cookies, as this feature actually involves a cookie in and
of  itself). If you change your mind during that time and want to disallow
cookies, follow this simple WikiHow guide to disable them in your browser:


If you have any questions about this cookie policy, please let me know. Make
Sure to tell me if there are any technical inaccuracies in this as well as if I
forgot to include anything important. If you would like to know more about
what cookies are and how they work, check the Wikipedia article on it
Thank you for using TrankuilLion Music!
This policy was last updated July 10, 2016