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Singles: 9
Albums: 2
Songs: 25

All songs are original works of TrankuilLion Music. If you believe your or another person’s copyright is being infringed, please contact me immediately.

If you want to use or make derivatives of my work, please read the following policy

Some of my works are licensed with various Creative Commons licenses. In these cases, abide by the terms set by those licenses.

In the case of works not under a CC license, you may still use the works and create derivative works provided you abide by the following:

1. You may not use it for any sort of commercial purpose without first receiving permission from me. I want to know about it if any money is being made from my stuff.

2. Make sure you give credit to me. This can be produced however you see fit, but make sure it is somewhere people can see it, and it must contain my name and the name of the original track.

3. Do not distribute whole copies of the original song. I do like having at least some traffic to my website.

There are some tracks (such as people’s YouTube intro songs I make for them) that I request people not use or make derivatives of. This is usually due to the song being designed for someone else, and out of respect for that persons interests, the track is not officially distributed. If you want to make a remix or something, you will need to ask me first so I can make sure the person in question approves of it. Tracks like this will be labeled on the discography page.

Songs may take a minute to load before they play. Please be patient! Thanks.

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